I was previously a post-bac, pre-med student with my eyes set on med school. Needless to say, I had a great deal of anxiety about money to cover my expenses living in NYC. I began cold calling staffing agencies to see what kinds of jobs I could do to make ends meet, and I was fortunate enough to connect with Hope Staffing and its Founder/President, Ludlow Harrison. Almost immediately, Ludlow and his team made me feel like part of the family, as they were actively interested in my well-being and growth while still being sensitive to my intense school schedule. They were able to land me several administrative assistant roles that not only helped me financially, but also allowed me to build a valuable professional skill set. Fast forward to today, I’m now a successful physician and educator in Philadelphia, and I find myself still making use of many of the administrative skills I learned in the jobs that Hope found for me. The folks at Core genuinely care about their candidates, which made a world of difference for me!

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